Dear Prlends,

We’re excited to welcome you to our pages as we launch into the wonderful tall season1

This month we’ve taken the opportunity to share with you a tun-filled, seasonal piece that will delight the heart of any parent and child as you enjoy building those special holiday memories together. From filling the house with the aromatic scent of cinnamon and carving your pumpkin together to creating your own signature holiday treat mix, we know you and your family will find ideas within these pages that are easy on your time and budget.

We’ve also included three articles to help you as a parent instill some of the most important building blocks of raising a productive and well-balanced child, presented in a way that will help them grow with positive reinforcement techniques designed to create lifelong habits. This issue of Parent Magazine provides gentle, tried and true guidance on these fundamental milestones and we hope you find them helpful.

A cornerstone of any child’s development is learning to be responsible, and Tanni Haas, Ph.D talks about “Why Chores Are Good For Your Kids-And How To Get Them To Do It.” Few things foster a sense of accomplishment like seeing a task successfully completed, and our children love to bask in the praise of those they look up to – us. This article shows the correlation between setting our children up tor success, building a strong work ethic and gaining the confidence that comes with accomplishment.

With success comes reward and our article about “Why You Should Give Your Kids An Allowance” helps you as a parent determine what “allowance” means tor those in your family. Chores are a job and you are providing on the job training and a “pay check” tor a job well done, while teaching them valuable financial skills they will carry with them throughout their lifetime

Additionally, as the election season comes to a close in November, we’ve added a little something to help you navigate the next month with a great article about how to “Grow a Good Citizen: How to Teach Your Kids About Voting.” Their perception of politics starts at home and they will model your behavior. It’s an opportunity to teach them how to respectfully disagree, and most significantly, the importance of participating as a voter.

We hope you will find these selections tun, informational and possibly a topic of discussion at your breakfast or dinner table as you spend time together.


Dr. Barbara C. Holley
Editor, Parent Magazines

Dr. Barbara C. Holley