Dear Parents, Educators, Administrators, and Neighbors,

We are excited to share with you our “Back to School Issue.” As a retired educator and parent, I know there is nothing as exciting as the first day of school!

As you begin the new year – parents, sending their children back to class, and teachers, welcoming and getting to know a new class of students, it offers a rebirth of sorts. Along these same lines, Parent Magazines are experiencing a rebirth as well. TouchPoint Innovative Solutions is honored and excited to be the new publishers of Parent Magazines. We’d like to thank Charlene (Charlie) Micheaux for her many years of dedication to students, parents and educators, at the helm of this tri-county publication. As the new publishing house for these magazines, we are thrilled to continue to offer vital information, fun reads and an in-depth look at what’s going on in your school district!

Let me tell you a bit about why this exciting venture is so important to me. Starting my career as a teacher and reading specialist, my entire life has been dedicated to helping the next generations of our communities gain the knowledge and skills they will need to lead successful lives. As a former principal in Virginia, Connecticut and California, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the finest educators and most engaged parents and care givers. Earning my doctorate in educational leadership from Virginia Tech has provided me the avenue to continue doing what I love – mentoring tomorrow’s leaders.

As Editor of Parent Magazine, I sincerely look forward to working with the community to enhance the communication between busy families, the school district and local businesses. It’s these partnerships that allow our children the opportunity to learn new skills, garner the support of those who deeply support education and fill in the gaps where needed.

In this first issue, we are sharing articles about those very special first days of school, how to help kids learn to manage their time, determining your child’s learning style and helping with homework without getting frustrated and best of all, helping kids enjoy school and creating a love of learning. We’ve also included information about how our school district is “Keeping Our Kids Safe.” This informative piece provides an inside look at how administrators and staff are working to increase safety while building positive relationships designed to help students from an early age.

Beginning with this issue, you’ll hear from your Superintendent each month, giving you an update about what’s happening throughout the school year, helping you feel more connected to those making decisions about the direction of our schools and providing fun details of great things on the horizon.

Don’t forget to flip through the pages of our fashion spread each month for cute ideas and the latest fashion trends. It’s a wonderful way to share a little time with your fashion conscious children while talking about what they like, before dipping into the health and safety articles.

We are grateful to be part of your home and your child’s educational experience. We look forward to being your neighbors and invite you to share your ideas and thoughts with us as we embark on this endeavor together.

All the Best,

Dr. Barbara C. Holley
Editor, Parent Magazines

Dr. Barbara C. Holley