Looking for a few non-candy treats for Halloween? There are plenty of creative and fun options to consider. Here are 10 UnBOO-liveably fun Halloween alternatives!

  1. Stickers: Kids love stickers, and there are many Halloween-themed stickers available.

  2. Glow-in-the-Dark Toys: Glow sticks, glow bracelets, or other glow-in-the-dark toys can add a spooky atmosphere to Halloween night.

  3. Mini Play-Dough: Small containers of play-dough can be a fun and creative treat.

  4. Halloween-themed Pencils: Halloween-themed pencils or novelty erasers are useful and festive.

  5. Temporary Tattoos: Provide Halloween-themed temporary tattoos for kids to enjoy.

  6. Bouncy Balls: Small rubber bouncy balls can be a hit with children.

  7. Mini Notepads: Kids can always use small notepads for drawing or jotting down notes.

  8. Miniature Toys: Hand out small, inexpensive toys like plastic spiders, bats, or other creepy crawlies.

  9. Halloween-themed Stamps: Stampers with Halloween designs can be a unique and enjoyable treat.

  10. Bookmarks: Halloween-themed bookmarks with fun illustrations or spooky quotes are both practical and thematic.

With these imaginative alternatives, you can create a Halloween that’s all treats and no sugar tricks for the young ones!